Friday, November 9, 2012

Uproar: Red, Write, & Blue - A Success!

On November 7th, Uproar Theatre Corps hosted our 3rd 1-5 Minute Play Festival since our foundation as a club in September 2011.  

This year, we did a few things differently - we added an Assistant Director, we decided to take on the Palladium Multi-Purpose Room, and we put it together in only 3 days!  But a giant thanks to our actors and our artistic team for making that possible.  Hurricane Sandy had a huge effect on everything on campus, but everyone pulled through nicely and fiercely, and made the reading great!  We had an excellent turnout - at least 40 people came and showed their support for friends and colleagues.  Past Uproar members and graduates came, as well many members in the Educational Theatre, and even friends outside the community.  The show wouldn't have been possible without our superb audience!

Rabble Rousers perform Jenna Briedis's play NEITHER.

Daryl Embry, our director, and Sarah Chichester, the assistant director, went above and beyond with each and every play - making them all enjoyable, entertaining, and frankly, hilarious.

Our actors took their direction and went with the flow, while also making their own wonderful choices.  They were all fun to watch, great to work with, and just fantastic people.

But we couldn't have done it without the playwrights, who wrote some super funny, meaningful, and quirky plays that we couldn't take our eyes off of.

And a big thanks to Amy Cordileone, our faculty advisor; the Upboard, for pulling it all together; the Steinhardt USG, Dean Mary Brabeck, and Justine M. Kelly-Fierro for making this all possible.

And a special thanks to Andie Patterson for making all the Uproar graphics.

In case you missed it, or just want a reminder of what you saw, here it is! (And for some BIG-UPs, answer the trivia questions about the plays on Twitter @UPROARtheatre if you were there!)

You've Got to Go by Marco Santarelli
featuring Luke Doyle, Emily Kugel, Mel Ridgway, Spiro Tzakis, and Dan Walsh
--An office comedy in which the employees need to vote someone out of the office.  Who got fired?

Neither by Jenna Briedis
featuring Jessie Delgado, Luke Doyle, and Anne Lieberson
--Ben and Jerry have two new ice cream flavors to test out.  Which one did Jane pick?

When the Sun Goes Out by Charlie Wright
featuring Jessie Delgado, Luke Doyle, Mel Ridgway, Robert Stevenson, Spiro Tzakis, and Dan Walsh
--A coffee house poetry competition, and a poet who just isn't fully appreciated in his gay-crazed community.  What does Phil ultimately decide to do?

A Forever Changed World by Jamie Lerner
featuring Emily Kugel
--A courtroom drama about figuring out which pickles belong in the worldwide pickle family.  Which pickles were picked?

I Voted for the Queen by Andrew Anzel
featuring Jessie Delgado, Robert Stevenson, Spiro Tzakis, and Dan Walsh
--A high school boy's journal entry about his encounter with the lovely and beautiful Katrina Von Tassle.  What actually happens when he talks to her?

Undecided by Jack Dod
featuring Luke Doyle, Emily Kugel, Anne Lieberson, Robert Stevenson, Spiro Tzakis, and Dan Walsh
--The voting officials are counting up the votes, and no one has voted for Obama or Romney!  There aren't even any real people on the ballot.  So who became President of the United States?

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