Monday, April 1, 2013

Falls Changing Leaves: an IMMERSIVE main-stage production

Artwork by Andie Patterson

On the Community-Engaged Theatre study abroad program in Ireland last summer, a group of graduate and undergraduate students worked with one facilitator to write and perform an original full-length play in 48 hours. The play, devised “from the dust in the room” came to life and was performed in the Samuel Beckett Theatre on Trinity College’s campus in Dublin. The play was a success and garnered multiple positive reviews. Now, half a year later, those on the original team still in New York have revised, edited, and are re-mounting the project with a new cast and in a new space.

Like the group that wrote it, the play blends realism, magic, absurdity, and audience-interaction to create something wholly original. American culture, history, and family combines with Irish tradition, culture, and history in a blanket of mystery to tell a story about our roots and past, our daunting present, and the darkly bright future.

The Uproar Theatre Corps is proud to present its spring main stage production, Fall’s Changing Leaves, this April 11, 12, and 13. This original devised production was originally written and produced in the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin, Ireland by Taylor Barnard, Moises Castro, Jack Dod, Declan Gorman, Brad Harris, Valerie Issembert, Kate Kearns, and Amy Pottinger. Now, it is making its North American debut with a revised script and new cast members.

Chronicling over two hundred years of the crann O’Riada, from the American Revolution to the the death of its current patriarch, “Fall’s Changing Leaves” is a drama about family, mystery, and how our past is just as rooted in us as our family tree is rooted in the earth. The action takes place at the wake of James Ryder, where the audience are mourners, and the cast of characters include a recently married lesbian couple with a troublesome two year old, a juvenile delinquent math whiz, a drunk pediatrician, a mysterious visitor, a very confused genealogist, and someone whose past and future are as muddled as the land from which he came.
The wake of James Ryder will be held April 11, 12, and 13 at 8pm in the Palladium Multipurpose Room, 140 E 14th St. As this is a wake, and James’s family is still in mourning, we ask that you wear black, but please do be prepared to celebrate James’s life.